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MAD. Whats it all about exactly?

Theres a lot buzz about the brand and a lot of excitement about the future of Amateur Darts as a result. The big question everyones asking is - How does it work? in short...

How it works:

Local Leagues can become affiliated to MAD, and off the back of that Teams and Individuals can be affiliated aswell. This affiliation can get you and your team to represent your Region and yourself to represent both your Region and even your Super Region

Individually, a separate Ranking based on Local Open Competitions (Organisers can apply for MAD affiliation subject to a criteria) is kept also. This ranking can lead to invites to MAD Major Events and the MAD World Championships

After your team has become affiliated:

By becoming affiliated, players can gain points based on performances. These can be from Wins, Checkouts, 180s/177s etc. The amount of points available naturally varies from format to format. Points are totalled each week and a Team Total table is kept.

If you are the Top League Team in your Region, your team will advance to the Annual Invaders Championships, competing against the other 15 Top Local League Teams in the Super Region.

If, within that ranking system, you are one of the best Individual Performers in your Region, you will be selected to represent your Region in the Quarterly Inter-Super Regional Championship against the other 15 Regional Teams

Going on from that, if you are one of the best Individual Performers in the Super Region, you will be selected to represent the England Invaders in the Annual National Championships against the other 15 Super Regional Teams

For example:

Stefan Evrard has been playing in a Local League in Portsmouth since time began. His league committee has put a vote to the teams which has overwhelming support to join MAD.

MAD Registers the league and all the teams on the MAD Portal and fixtures are produced for all members to access. Each week, team captains punch in all the results for the team and individual players, recording any high checkouts and 180s/177s in the process.

In the first week, Stefan destroys Andy Jenkins with 2 x 9-Dart legs as part of a 9-0 win for his team. Results are inputted and both the team and individual rankings are calculated

After 9 months of intense competition, Stefans team are the best in Portsmouth across all affiliated Leagues based on the teams performances. This means Stefans Team can represent the Portsmouth Region in the Annual Invaders Championships, taking place after the 3rd Quarter

Stefan himself has finished in the Top 12 in the individual rankings based on his individual performances (and pairs performanced providing both players are members), and is selected to represent Portsmouth along with the other 11 Top Individuals in the Quarterly Inter-Super Regional Championships.

After representing Portsmouth in 3 consecutive Inter-Super Regional Championships, Stefan has finished again amongst the Top 12 Performers, this time across the entire Super Region, along with 11 other players made up from the Southampton, Chichester, Slough, Kent East, and Reading Regions (for example). These 12 players are the England Invaders, and will compete against the other 15 Super Regions in the National Championships.

Stefan has also been competing in loads of MAD affiliated Local Opens, and rather then losing in the first round like he always does, has started reaching the latter stages and picking up Ranking Points. His fairly high ranking earns him an invitation to MAD Majors, and being one of the best in the Super Region also earns him a MAD World Championship spot.... and thats just the beginning.....

How's this for starters


  • Vastly reduced admin
  • Create a Fixture List based on your requirements
  • In-play score cards (No WiFi, No Problem)
  • Tables instantly updated each night
  • Pay fees online
  • Join a UK network of other Independent Leagues and share the benefits
  • Give your members the opportunity to represent your league within your region and at national level
  • A brand new platform to share your league information directly its members
  • The best team in your league could be the representative team for your entire region
  • Retain & Grow your membership with the introduction of MAD points
  • Offer the ambitious amateur players in your league to take the MAD "Pub to Pro" pathway.
  • No fees for OAP's (Free Personal membership for those over the retirement age in the the UK)


  • More players looking to join teams in your league
  • More reason for players not to ever miss a match
  • Keep track of your rivals matches with the "In Play" scorecard
  • Keep an eye on your team finances with our unique "Subs calculator"
  • All players match records will be archived so you can always pick best team
  • Your team will also have a MAD Regional Ranking
  • Your players will have an individual MAD Ranking and could represent your region at national level

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So what is MAD?

  • MAD is open to any amateur player aged 18 and above
  • MAD is currently in Great Britain but primed for Global expansion
  • MAD caters for the league player, competition player & budding professionals through the "Pub To Pro" pathway
  • MAD seeks to provide fresh ideas and entertainment within the amateur game
  • MAD individual membership costs £5 per year and allows access to all elements of the mad concept
  • MAD is dynamic in its approach and will continue to evolve