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Open events and rankings

  • Any open event meeting a basic minimum criteria can apply to carry MAD Event Ranking points through their regional director
  • The amount of points available at an event will be based on the level of prize money available
  • MAD points gained will be added to players individual Events Ranking
  • The ranking list will be used when sourcing invites to national competitions, and can by used within each Super Region for their own invitational competitions
  • Players can play events in any Region and still gain points

Invitational and showpiece events

  • MAD will be running 3 x major invitational events per country England, Wales, and Scotland
  • These will feature 128 players selected from across all Super Regions ranking lists, as well as other special invites
  • MAD will also be running high value showpiece Events on top of the major events, including those from the League System, via open qualifiers, and from the ranking list
  • Each Super Region has the facility to create their own invitational and showpiece events using the ranking system as a guide