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Frequently Asked Questions

Q – How do I become a MAD Member?
A – Head over to the MAD Website @ and click Sign Up

Q - I play 3 nights per week, will I score 3 lots of points?
A – You can gain one set of points per Region played per week. If all 3 nights are in different regions, you’ll gain points in all 3 Regional Tables. If all 3 nights are in the same region, only your best performance counts for that week

Q – Can I represent more than 1 region?
A – While you may feature in multiple regions’ tables, you can only represent 1 region at a Super Regional Playoff. Your home region takes precedence. If you aren’t selectable for your home region, the region you have scored most points for then takes precedence. If there is ever a tie between multiple regions in this case, you the player can make the choice who to represent 

Q – If an Open Event has no separate Ladies Competition, can they score points?
A – Of course. Ladies can complete for the same points as men in an Open Event. It is the Event Organisers decision whether to allow Ladies to enter both an Open and a simultaneous Ladies Event

Q – Are there any playing guidelines we need to be aware of?
A – MAD Events will adhere to the DRA Playing Guidelines for National and Major Events, and have stipulated that Open Events wishing to affiliate adhere to the same guidelines. MAD Affiliated Leagues can play within their own guidelines

Q – Is there any issue with Live Streaming Open Events that are MAD Affiliated?
A – No, in fact any streaming of MAD Events is encouraged as MAD will look to stream Major Events

Q – Can I represent more than 1 Super Region?
A – The same order of separation applies if you become selectable for multiple Super Regions

Q – Can Individuals Leagues Affiliate?
A – MAD are looking to incorporate Individuals Leagues as soon as possible. The League will still be liable for the same League Fee as Team Leagues, and whilst there will be no Team Fee in an Individual League, Individual Memberships will be compulsory

Q – Can I play Open Events outside my Region and score points?
A – Yes you can. You will gain a ranking for your home region based on any MAD Affiliated Events played, whether they are in your Home Region or outside

Q – I run a Grand Prix Style Knockout Event each week with a Finals Night at the end, can it become MAD Affiliated?
A – Yes it can providing the Event meets the Event Criteria. This goes for individual Stages as well as the Finals

Q – Are there any restrictions as to how many Open Events I can play in to gain ranking points?
A – None whatsoever, the more you play in, the better your chance of reaching the top of the Ranking List in your region and qualifying for the Pub to Pro Masters

Q – Can Pro Players / Under 18s enter MAD Affiliated Open Events?
A – Yes they can, as long as the event is open, however any points they would score wouldn’t count towards anything. A Regional Director is free to put on a MAD Members Exclusive Event on occasions to drive membership. Pro Players would not be able to enter these.

Q – Will there be any Exclusive Ladies Events in the MAD Calendar?
A – It is the intention of MAD to run parallel Showpiece Events and Title Scenes for Ladies. Nothing has been announced at this point due to uncertainly around the volume of Ladies Membership. Ladies Events will be promoted from the off at Super Regional Level to drive membership. Ladies are more than welcome to enter qualifiers for the MAD British Amateur Open, the MAD Vault, and if they are the highest ranked player in their Region, be the representative for that region in the Pub to Pro Masters

Q – How do I get selected for my Regional Team?
A – You will need to play open competition Darts in MAD Affiliated competitions. 3 Times each year a cut is made and the best performing players across the region will be selected to represent their Region. Once a cut is made, the rankings start from scratch again to provide a fresh opportunity for all players. The Best 12 Men, 6 Ladies, 3 Youth (18-21), and 3 Seniors (O64) will be selected

Q – How do I get selected for my Super Regional Team?
The Super Regional Team is made up of the best performers from the 3 Super Regional Playoffs. MAD Points are scored at these playoffs and are kept as a separate Ranking List, which will be used to determine the Super Regional Team for the Great British Championships

Q – Does the Regional Director have control over which players are selected for Regional Opportunities?
A – No. This is done entirely on data. The only time a Regional Director may get involved in selection is if there is a multiple regions eligibility clash, and the next player on the ranking list needs to be called up

Q – What does it cost to get my Open Competition MAD Affiliated?
A – Nothing. Affiliation is free and encouraged!!

Q - How will my ranking points be applied?
A –The Super Regional Director will apply Ranking Points from Open Events also through the website once results have been received from the Event Organiser
Q – Can Capped Entry Events be MAD Affiliated?
A – Yes they can, providing the entry is open and not invitational, as this could be seen as bias. There is a minimum cap of 32 players for Open and Men’s Events, and 16 for Ladies Only Events

Q – Can Open Pairs / Team Events be MAD Affiliated?
A – At present, only Open Singles Events meeting the Event Criteria can carry MAD Ranking Points

Q – If the Player topping the Ranking List in their Region cannot make the Pub to Pro Masters, will that Region miss out?
A – Definitely not. The place in the Pub to Pro Master will be offered to the next highest ranked available player

Q – If a player qualifying for the MAD British Amateur Open or MAD Vault is unable to make the event(s), will that place be lost?
A – No. The place will be offered to the Player the Non-attending Player beat last. In the case of the British Amateur Open, if that player subsequently qualified, then they player they beat gets offered the place, and so on. In the case of the MAD Vault, if the losing finalist is unavailable, then the losing semi-finalist to the original winner is offered the place

Q – Are there any rules around drinking alcohol at MAD Major Events?
A – There is to be no public alcohol drinking during Interviews or Broadcasts

Q – Is there any suggestion around a MAD Calendar of Events?
A – At the moment, there is so much uncertainty in the country surrounding the Covid-19 Pandemic that no dates can be fully committed to, however in a perfect year, The Great British Championships are endeavoured to take place in Late November/Early December, with the Golden Gauntlet, British Amateur Open Finals, and National Local League Finals happening over the same weekend. The MAD Majors are to take place 3 times per year, as are the Super Regional Playoffs. The MAD Vault Finals are looking to take place in October, and the Pub to Pro Masters being the last Major event of the year. Each Super Region will publish their own calendar based on their own event schedule on the Website

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